Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nuno Show and Tell

In my last blog I talked about our Nuno Felting day with Nancy Bruce. I promised more photos of her work and the results of our felting - all very exciting. This scarf made by Nancy is lined and attached to the lining with a buttonhole stitch. You can see the blue lining; it's very heavily felted and a WOW color!
These 2 scarves have a buttonhole stitch around the edge also, for an interesting effect.
This scarf - much wider, could also be used as a shawl. The edge has beading and fringe.
Martine's scarf has wonderful points coming off the edge. The center has no felting; it's much wider than the edges where the felting pulled in the sides.
Patsy worked in wonderful colors - adding a bit of hot pink to the center of some of the rovings to give it more zing.
Mary made a line of rovings down through the center as well as on each end - very cool.
I wanted a more "gossamer" look and used less rovings but placed them all over with lots of space in between. This negative space (silk gauze) becomes puckered when the felting occurs all around it - an
interesting effect.
A detail of my scarf shows the "curls" which Nancy dyed for our use. The bright yellow curls are just "plain cute" as can be, adding another dimension to the surface. I think they are my favorite part.

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