Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slow Design Exhibit

The Asheville Arts Council is currently featuring a wonderful exhibit at the Front Gallery. The exhibit - Slow Design, features designs that look at longer cycles of human behavior, sustainability and manufacturing with local/regional materials and technologies. The workshop I took last week with Yoshiko Wada (in the same building) had the same theme - creating with recycled materials. Here is a glimpse of some of the wonderful textiles featured in the Slow Design Exhibit.
I love the reverse applique on the garment below. The entire garment was covered with hand stitching.
This garment was fantastic - so creative and definitely had the flavor of recycled materials.

In the garment below, you can see the worn lace and how it was incorporated into the garment. I love going to thrift stores to pick up second hand clothing - sometimes it's the fabric that entices me, or the buttons, or it's great for dyeing.
This jacket had the most wonderful and intricate reverse applique work.

This was a piece of fabric hanging up - loved the imagery on it.
This is a detail of a large piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling to the floor - all hand done and amazing!
Recognize this gal - it's Elisa Jimenez from Project Runway. I really enjoy that show. In younger days, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I love watching the creative process in the challenges each episode presents. Elisa was one of my favorites, she was such a sweet personality and positive force to the show. It was fun talking to her and hearing all about the show and what she is doing now. Elisa was one of the Hatch Fashion mentors for the Hatch Festival in Asheville which sponsored this show.

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