Friday, April 17, 2009

Yashiko Wada and Shibori

I had the great experience of taking a workshop from Yashiko Wada yesterday. It was packed full of knowledge and ideas from a woman who is both experienced and incredibly talented. A focus of the workshop was using worn and used items of clothing etc. to make new interesting pieces of art. Felt, water soluble materials and working with Indigo were also touched upon. I was intrigued by the piece below which uses worn pieces of Shibori to make this "new" piece.
And this piece which also used Sashiko - a form of decorative stitching done in large patterns over the surface.
The Indigo pot - the real thing. I've only used synthetic Indigo dye and have always wanted to work with real Indigo, it was great fun!

Yashiko Wada (below) an incredible artist and fantastic instructor. I look forward to taking more workshops from her in the future.
I am off and running to Gatlinburg in a few minutes and have more to add so I'll say "stay tuned for more about this wonderful technique".

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  1. Hi Judy - I found your blog because I just signed up to take a class with Marilyn Wall at Campbell in May. I love your work. Marilyn mentioned that you teach. I'd like to know more about your classes. I am just getting back to my love of fabric, I'm very interested in art quilts, embelishments, etc. I've been a newspaper columnist, innkeeper and healthcare manager. Now - I am free to do what pleases me - what a great feeling. I share my studio with four furry assistants - cats (but they don't know that. You can see photos of them on my "writerly" website I need to add a blog to it. Anyway - let me know about classes. Marge Clauser