Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild

I had the great pleasure of teaching this week at the Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild in Seneca, SC. I stayed with my good friend Marilyn Wall who is a member of the guild. Her home is on a lake - this is the view I woke up to. It almost made me want to play hookey and not go to class.
There is an old fence and gate in the front. It has always been in the family but in another location and about to be torn down. Marilyn was lucky to get the whole thing transported to her home. It's amazing to see with all kinds of potential for quilt designs.

One of the quilts at Show and Tell was a tribute to the firefighters of Edison, NJ for their heroic efforts during 911. Children drew their message on paper which was then transferred to fabric. Each block was so precious and meaningful.

This next quilt made me laugh. I'm not sure of the name but I call it the TP Quilt.
This gorgeous quilt was made by Dixie Haywood who does wonderful things with the pineapple pattern.

The workshop on Creative Machine Applique was wonderful fun. The ladies were so enthused and a joy to be with. Here is Barbara and my hostess and friend - Marilyn.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful 2 days!

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