Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Wedding Dream

My daughter had another dream about her wedding gown. It made me laugh so hard and very thankful it was only a dream. When we first talked about my making the dress, I did remember saying - you know, it won't be perfect but I'll do my best.
Apparently that thought stayed with Jill. She dreamt the day of the wedding, she realized she forgot to pick out bridesmaid dresses AND she had not yet seen the wedding gown. I, the mom and maker of said gown was keeping it as the ultimate surprise for her. I brought it out - a big smile on my face and there it was in all it's glory - Bright Purple with gold stripes and BIG PUFFY sleeves!

But mom she said in an almost hysterical voice it's not what I expected and it's purple and has gold on it to which I replied.....
I told you honey, it wasn't going to be perfect!

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