Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Done, It's Delivered, TA...DA!

I just returned from Atlanta to deliver the gown, have a final fitting/tweaking and some celebration time. I had a hard time with the bustle, the final thing to do. I read everything I could, talked to my expert friend, but it's so individual to each dress and how it fits the bride. I had to do this final step in Atlanta so off I went, Bernina under 1 arm, gown under the other. The dress had to be on a body and just "played" with to see the best place to pull it up to bustle.
The outer lace had to be attached to the charmeuse underneath so they worked as "one" without pulling. Soooooo - remember the little thread crochets, the ones you do with your fingers. They worked perfect. I made them @ 1 1/2" long and attached the outer lace to the underneath layer at various points on the train and back of dress.
There are many different ways to bustle a gown but I decided to use the button and thread loop method. The flounce or "bustle is then folded in and less obvious which appealed to me. I first thought of attaching ribbons and tyeing them from the inside but that left the bustle folded out which was bulky.
I'm all thumbs when it comes to sewing buttons on. I really love the ones with holes in them so you can do them by machine, but these are shank style, silk covered buttons I purchased.
The border lace was one of the last things to do. I think it adds a lot of softness to the edge.
And the back - this is my favorite part of the gown. It's a "Chapel" train, which is a fairly short train and so pretty.

So it's done, we're both so happy and we celebrated with some great "girly time".
And I want to add how much I've loved taking this journey with you. It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions but one with a good ending. I've so appreciated the comments and emails along the way, it was perfect timing, when I needed to hear something positive or get a pat on the back - so thank you. I'll post lots and lots of pictures after the big day - May 15th. Pray for sunshine, it's a garden wedding!
Til next time


  1. It looks beautiful Judy! Can hardly wait to see more photos.

  2. Congratulations! From what I can see, the dress is beautiful. You're a brave and talented woman. Best wishes for a sunny wedding day.