Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hudson River Valley Art Workshops Pt. 2

Well, I should be out walking; it's early morning and that's my routine but the fog is so thick - can't see 2 feet in front of you. I walk in an area where there's no cars and very safe but still, is fog a good excuse? I know I would much rather be here doing this.
The other day I wrote about our bird families hoping someone would tell me the name of the one bird. My friend Heather wrote to tell me that beautiful fluorescent blue colored bird is a Tree Swallow and they compete with Bluebirds for the houses. Our birdhouses are around 60 feet apart; both families seem to be thriving and completely ignoring each other so that's a good thing!
In my last blog I did talk about this wonderful school - the Hudson River Art Workshops in Greenville, NY. They run week long workshops and some 3 day ones. I've always found the long workshops to be  beneficial on so many levels. From Oct 31 - Nov 6, I'll be presenting a workshop using lots of machine skills; students can choose to make a sampler notebook of just the skills and/or work on a project. Some more things we'll cover are writing and stamping on fabric to create an interesting background....

off the edge applique

using sheers such as tulle and organza to create dimension
and taking the sheers one step further by writing on them and "aging" them with inks.

I think it will be a great week. I've also heard that Kim' husband -  owner of the lodge,  is a chef - yes a genuine, for real chef AND the food is wonderful! That's all I'ld have to hear - I'm IN!
I'm sitting by my window, the fog is lifting, getting clear and sunny, guess that means I have to walk!
Have a good day.

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