Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of Spring

It's been a while since I've written - a busy week. My daughter was visiting and it was a constant whirlwind of bopping around, eating out, doing wedding stuff and then both of us heading back to Atlanta on Sat morning for her shower in the afternoon. I got home yesterday, changed into my jammies and collapsed on the couch and proceeded NOT to move for a very long time.
But now it's monday - the start of a brand new week - a clean slate. I was watching our 2 families of birds build their nests today, one of my favorite parts of spring. We've always had Bluebirds in the Bluebird house but never a family in this house.
My husband built this birdhouse and it's great fun to finally see a family settle there. If you look hard, you'll see one flying out of the picture and one perched on the lower roof, ready to enter the house. They really didn't like me invading their space.
They were dive-bombing me as I tried to get close for pictures.
Our Bluebird house which is very weathered has great appeal for Bluebirds. We've had 3 families in the 2 seasons it's been up. Our neighbor made this and gave it to us as a housewarming present. We love it and so do the birds.
The birds settling in the white house are beautiful. I'm not familiar with what kind of bird they are, but they have blue fluorescent coloring on their back.
I'm going to try and find them in one of my bird books - think they are gorgeous and very feisty!
Hope you're enjoying these beautiful days.

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