Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Spy

About a year ago, I made this I Spy quilt top to be put away until my sweet niece became pregnant, which she is now and due in June. This is the first baby of our adult kids so it's very exciting and also exciting I'm going to be a Great-Aunt. I've made several of these quilts: small children love them - the bright colors and pictures of animals and other child-friendly things to find. I hold off quilting until I know the babies name (and hope for a short name) so I can quilt it in the colored strips. Things like "Max is cute, Max is smart" and so on filling all the longer strips throughout the quilt with sayings.
It's a fun quilt to make, easy and cheerful to work on and you know it's going to a good home. This is NOT the quilt you hang on a wall; it is the quilt to be dragged around, sat on and other various and sundry things a small child will do. It's meant to be loved, used and perhaps become their "binky". Both my kids had their favorite "binkys" which are still packed away in the attic somewhere. My daughter, when she was 3, thought it ridiculous that her cousin Joey called his "binky" a "banky". Here are some close-ups of the future "binky" (or "banky").
This is such a fun block - lots of potential. I've thought if you didn't want to make it an "I spy", you could do photos printed on fabric in the place where the images are or flowers printed on fabric or floral prints to use as the images.I promise to post the sizes and how it all fits together in my next blog. My niece doesn't read my blog or at least I'm hoping she doesn't so it will be a surprise. Her new little guy will be called "Max" - a great name and SHORT!  Stay tuned for directions on how to make this cute and easy block.

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  1. This is a very sweet quilt! I'm teaching a new quilter and we've been looking for simple patterns; this one is wonderful. I like how some blocks have extra sashing and some don't which keeps the rows from having to match seams. Love it!