Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise

Yesterday, our Fiber Junkies group met - always inspiring, mind boggling, full of ideas, information and good fun. We met at Patsy's home in her large, wonderful, "full of every new gadget, batting and thread studio". We did machine quilting with the Master, she is truly, one of the best!  During our afternoon show and tell, I received the most wonderful surprise from Nancy, "Colorist Extraordinaire". I know I've talked before about Nancy and her wonderful color eye and how she'll dye anything that isn't nailed down. She brought some beautiful things to show. First her felting is wonderful and this is what we'll be doing next month. The inside crocheted flower is made by another member -Carol.
We'll also be making paper - coloring and embossing it. Nancy says it's easy, we'll see.

Nancy brought lots of silk she had dyed, too luscious for words! It was a feast for the eyes and I just wanted to curl up in the middle of it!
She made this felted piece for Mary who does magical things with felt.
And now onto the surprise. While cutting out the wedding gown, I had a bag going on the side filling it with scraps of silk, selvages I didn't use etc knowing full well, I had better not throw them out - Nancy will put them to good use. So from the white silk scraps
Nancy did this
and this
and let me pick some pieces to make into a memory piece of the gown fabric. How nice is that! Thank you Nancy, it was a great surprise!
On another note - another "Wedding Dream" to report, this one from my daughter. Will they ever stop! Jill was here a couple of weeks ago for spring break and we went to see Alice and in the movie, Alice is painting the roses red. Jill had a dream that same night that I painted all the buttons on the Wedding Gown - Blue! Well I still have to sew the buttons on and promise not to paint them anything!

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