Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I have come to realize in my posts about the wedding gown - it's come together in bits and pieces, a pattern piece here
part of the muslin shell there
tidbits of lace
parts of it laid out
The cutting
The pressing
The joining

The boning
And the beading - all in bits and pieces. It reminds me of a story I heard years ago - yes, another story, but one I've always loved - another wedding gown story told in "Bits and Pieces". Years ago I was in the Embroiderer's Guild of America in the Coral Springs, FL chapter. It was a wonderful guild and probably one I learned the most from. We were invited to do an exhibit at the Henry Flagler Mansion in Palm Beach, FL. Henry Flagler was a railroad tycoon and his wealth had secured him a beautiful mansion, now open to the public for tours. We were asked that our exhibit fill their ballroom - what an honor! In conjunction with this exhibit, the head of the Royal School of Needlearts in England was coming over on a multi-purpose trip, part of which was to launch this exhibit, give lectures at the museum and in general meet and greet many of us. She was a lovely lady, very talented herself and also knowledgeable in the field of all needlearts. The Royal School of Needlearts was the school responsible for making Princess Diana's wedding gown and she had so many stories to tell us. Not only was the "gown" a top priority but also a top secret. Many different "groups of people" made the gown. There was the "sleeve construction sewers", those who worked on the bodice, beaders who did just the beading, people who made the train and the borders and the lining and so on. Each section was isolated from the other and all seamstresses had to sign a paper stating they wouldn't reveal anything about their "part". I'm not sure how or when the whole thing came together and was revealed but I found the story fascinating.
My daughter's gown is almost done. It's been wonderful experience, many new techniques that I've had to learn and without a doubt a roller coaster of emotions, self doubts and pats on the back. It's probably not something I would do again but so happy to have taken this journey with all of you. I'm anxious to show how all the "bits and pieces" have come together. The wedding is May 15th - so right around the corner. Stay tuned!

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