Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter - I found these up in the attic, 2 darling little bunnies my mom made for my kids years ago. My mom loved making and baking stuff - all the time! She was a fun mom to have around. They will find a new home someday when I have grandchildren - sigh.
Today is also my son's birthday, he was born on Good Friday 30 years ago. Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ had a cute tradition. All babies born over Easter weekend wore a bunny suit - the whole time (poor little babies, they look very uncomfortable), but us moms ate it up - every moment. AND we got to take our new little ones home in them!
And yes, I still have this little bunny suit. Some things like bunnies and bunny suits are too precious to part with!
Have a wonderful day!

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